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Product Warranties

All manufacturer warranties are available upon request before any purchase. Warranty hard copies are provided with receipt your products.

WHAT IS NOT WARRANTED: Manufacturers are not responsible for the following: (1) Used products; (2) Any product that has been used, altered or modified in any way not approved; (3) Depreciation; (4) Damage caused by lack of reasonable and proper maintenance; failure to follow instructions, directions, drawings and renderings; improper installation, misuse, lack of proper protection during installation, use or storage; (5) Damage resulting from accident, falling objects; (6) Damage due to normal maintenance or lack thereof; (7) Exposure to harmful chemicals, fumes or other substances, foreign or natural in the atmosphere; (8) Acts of God, which includes but is not limited to wind damage, excessive snow-load, flood, hail, fire: or (9) Unforeseen causes or circumstances, such as but not limited to adding load to the structure, or external forces

In addition, there is NOT guarantee of snow-load or wind-load, unless stamped engineered drawings have been provided for your shelter or building.Only engineered truss buildingsand metal carports have these available at an additional cost.



Warranty Details


Fabric Weight



5.5/6.5/7.5 oz

1 year (cover and frame work)


9.0 oz

1 year (cover and frame work)


14.5 oz

3 year for the zipper panels and frame and 10 year for cover prorated


21.5 oz

3 year for the zipper panels and frame and 10 year for cover prorated