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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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What is an Economy Shelter?

Portable Garages & SheltersProtecting an investment without spending a lot of money requires thought and preparation.

There are options available for the consumer looking to protect a vehicle or equipment without breaking the bank.

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Why not consider an economy shelter? These shelters are part of the family of portable garages and shelters. A great deal can be had without breaking the bank. The economy shelters are designed to cover and protect smaller investments and vehicles. Inexpensive portable garages and carport kits offer outstanding temporary shelter and protection.

If you want to protect small tractors or lawn equipment, economy shelters are easy to move and easy to place in your yard without taking up too much space.

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It starts with the material. A good economy shelter features a powder-coated steel frame holds up to the elements. The polyethylene cover provides outstanding UV and water protection. The shelters will also protect against dry rot or mildew. This will add to the life of the vehicle or equipment being stored in the shelter.

Think about an economy shelter when you need protection for:

  • Cars
  • Seasonal vehicles
  • Seasonal furniture and equipment

Anchoring systems can also be used with economy carports to ensure they stay grounded in one place.

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