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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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What are Valance Carports?

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carport side extensionsWhen you look for portable storage options, you will have choices. It's just a matter of choosing the best option for your storage needs.

A valance carport offers flexibility.

First off, they are easy to assemble. This is always a plus in a portable storage option. They also offer valuable protection from the sun and harsh weather. This is important because you are likely using this shelter to protect an investment, such as a pickup truck or RV.

It starts with the design. Valance carports are designed with an eight-inch overhang around all four edges. This allows the valance carport to offer protection from UV rays. The overhang is also waterproof. Soft top covers are made with polyethylene material and are resistant to mildew and rot. Valance carports with a hard top are made with galvanized steel tubing and fitting connections.

Their unique design means all tops on valance carports are designed to deflect water and snow runoff away from whatever is stored in the carport.

It's not just cars, truck and RV's. Boat storage can be a royal pain for some, especially for those looking to avoid costly dry-dock fees.

The portable valance carport can provide investment protection and peace of mind.

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