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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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What are my Options for Storing a Boat?

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boat storageMany people who own boats do not have a place to store them in the colder months. Paying for a boat to stay at a dock is expensive and leaves the boat unprotected. Leaving a boat outside with no coverage during the winter months can be detrimental. By using a boat carport, it is possible to shelter a watercraft for an affordable price.

Boat Storage Options

Lots of boats stay dormant in the water or in a lot when not in use. Leaving a boat outside and unprotected puts it at risk of being damaged by the elements. Docks can charge thousands a month in storage costs and will not provide a boat with any type of protection. For a fraction of the price, a person can purchase a carport designed big enough to house a boat whenever it is not in the water.

Boat Carports

jet ski storageBoat carports are made from heavy-duty steel frames and polyethylene covers that provide superior protection. Overexposure to the rain and snow can cause rust and damage the interior of a boat. Wind can kick up rocks, salt, and sand that can scratch and cause wear on a boat's paint. The sun's ultraviolet rays can also damage paint by causing it to fade, crack, and peel. A boat carport's polyethylene cover will come treated to make it UV resistant and waterproof. The cover will protect a boat from any of the damaging effects that water, UV rays, and wind could cause.

There is a wide range of carport sizes that can accommodate boats of all different sizes. There are carports that range from 12 to 40 feet wide and that can reach 14 feet in height. It is possible to store small to large boats and even multiple boats if necessary. The elements of the outdoors can damage a boat, causing expensive repair costs. For the fraction of the price of dock storage, a boat carport will provide full protection.

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