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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Using Your Firewood Rack in the Fall

firewood rackFall is a time to think about how you are going to heat your home for the winter. It seems every winter it gets more expensive to heat a home.

People are always the lookout for a safe home heating alternative. Why not a fireplace or woodstove? If you decide to go this route, you’ll need a place to store firewood.

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This is where a firewood rack will come in handy. We know that a fireplace or woodstove is an economic way to heat a home. The storage plan for firewood should be cost-effective as well.

The wood needs to be protected. It should not be left uncovered in an area where it could become wet or damp. Wet firewood is not much use. This is why chopped wood should not be left on the ground. It should be kept dry and elevated. This can be accomplished by using a durable firewood rack.

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What constitutes durable? A good firewood rack will be designed to hold one-quarter to one-half cord of wood. It should be constructed with a steel frame that can hold the wood and keep it elevated. Choose a firewood rack where the wood can be stacked on a frame in a pile up to four feet in height. Using a strong firewood rack will protect the wood and allow you to heat your home at a lower cost.

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