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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Using a Portable Garage on a Farm

temporary farm storageWhen you hear "portable garage" or "portable carport" and your mind may not immediately spring to thoughts of farm work.

That's one of the many great things about portable garages and carports. They can be great additions to a farm.

Weather plays a big part in farm life. When the seasons change, so do weather conditions. This is why proper shelter is so important to farm life.

Perhaps building a permanent structure does not make the most economic sense. These is where portable carports and garages can come into play. A portable garage can be money well spent for the small farmer that needs extra storage space. Rather than commit to building a permanent structure, why not use a 40-foot portable barn from Carport Depot.

temporary farm storageFor one thing, portable garages are reliable. A 40-foot portable barn with galvanized steel also has a heavy-duty polyethylene cover for added protection against the elements. It is UV-resistant and waterproof. This type of portable structure can also be installed in the ground. This means farmers can install a portable structure that also offers versatility and year-round weather protection. Just imagine how important that could be in storing extra crops and farm equipment.

That water and UV protection is essential. We know that long-term exposure to sun can damage equipment over time. A portable garage helps protect that essential farm equipment.

These portable garages can also act as safe and effective animal shelters, protecting livestock from wind, rain and other harsh conditions.

There are several different sizes of portable barns and barn-style portable sheds.

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