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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Can You Use a Carport for Year-round Storage?

CarportThe great thing about a carport or portable garage is that it does offer versatility and can be used year-round to protect vehicles or equipment.

A high-quality carport can stand up to the elements of all seasons. This protection is reliable and affordable. If you have a vehicle but do not want to spend the money or go through the inconvenience of using a rental garage facility, a carport or portable garage may be the solution.

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Carports can shelter cars, trucks, ATV's, RV's, boats, motorcycles and other items. Carports constructed out of heavy-duty galvanized steel or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steelare designed to handle long-term exposure to all kinds of weather.

Heavy-duty carports offer versatility because they come in different sizes. 12-foot carports are large enough to safely protect up to two boats or cars or a single RV. Carports that are constructed out of two-inch square tube powder-coated steel frames offer outstanding durability. Fitted polyethylene waterproof covers offer protection from UV rays. Vehicles can be stored under reliable 12-foot carports all year long.

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If you need to protect multiple vehicles, invest in an 18-foot carport. This size carport is perfect for protecting multiple cars, boats or RV's.

Carports and portable garages allow for greater flexibility because they are portable while also being strong and well-constructed. A carport can be placed in many different types of locations for extended periods of time. That is why they are a great idea for year-round protection if you need to move and store your vehicles at different locations during the year. When the structure is no longer needed, it can be taken apart and put into storage.

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