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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Three Tips for Selecting the Best Portable Shelters for Your Farm

Farm StoragePortable shelters can be used to shelter or store just about anything and many people are finding that their applications are limitless. That being said, you want the very best structures for your growing farm: shelters that can be used effectively for the purpose they were created for. Here are some portable shelters you can put to use on your farm.

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Animal Shelters - Whenever you let your cattle or horses out of the barn to graze, you always run the risk that they'll get caught out in a storm. In the summer, you also have to worry about the heat. If your animals can't get back into the barn, where can they find shade for those unbearably hot days? To solve this problem, why not set up a portable animal shelter for your animals to take refugee under? You won't always be able to get your animals out of the rain when a thunderstorm sneaks up on you, and if an animal is feeling overheated, you want it to be able to get out of the sun. Animal shelters are built just like portable garages, except they only have two walls instead of four. The open sides allow animals to come and go as they please, providing just enough shelter to keep them dry and warm or shaded and cool.

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temporary farm storageAgricultural Buildings - Agricultural buildings are very important if you have a farm. Without them, how can you store your equipment, your tools, your supplies, and your animal feed? Instead of erecting new barns, which can be costly and tiresome to construct, why not opt to use agricultural shelters to house and store all of your agricultural supplies and machinery? You can choose to set up one large shelter to house it all, or you can opt for multiple smaller structures.

Greenhouses – You can't make just any portable garage double as a greenhouse, so why not use a portable shelter that is intended for greenhouse purposes? There are many portable greenhouse shelters available from large commercial sized to smaller backyard models. Whether you make a living off of selling fruits, vegetables, and flowers, or if you just want to start a family greenhouse in the backyard, portable greenhouses are perfect for the job. Simply purchase the portable greenhouse, erect it, fill it full of tiny seedlings, and then break it down when you're done. It's easy, simple, and incredibly cost effective.

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