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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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The Importance of Ventilation in a Portable Carport

carport ventilation kitAdding ventilation to a carport can be crucial, depending on what you want from a portable carport.

Let's start with auto storage. Do you have a custom car or cherished seasonal vehicle? Maybe you plan on doing a little work on the vehicle. Proper ventilation allows you to safely work inside the portable carport.

Adding ventilation to a carport also adds fresh air and allows for natural, cool air.

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There are many different ways to add ventilation to a carport, depending on the style of the carport.

If the carport has metal siding, spaces can be cut into the siding to allow for the installation of windows.

If it is a portable carport with polyethylene walls, a carport ventilation kit will be the best way to go. Some carports will come with ventilation kits. A ventilation kit can be purchased and the ventilation can be added to the carport.

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Ventilation is key for more than just better working conditions inside the carport. A steady flow of air can eliminate the risk of mildew forming in the carport. This is especially important if you use the portable carport in the summer months or live in a humid climate.

Carport Depot offers quality ventilation kits, along with other portable carport accessories.

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