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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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The Essential Portable Buildings for a Farm

Farm EquipmentSo you're looking to grow your farm, and you're wondering which types of portable buildings would be useful. Each farm is different, depending on its purpose. Are you raising cattle or growing greens? Maybe a little bit of both? Here are some essential portable buildings that no farm should go without.

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Greenhouses - A greenhouse is crucial for a fruit, vegetable, or flower farm; however, even if you want to run a cattle farm, growing greens never hurt anyone. The thing about greenhouses is that they are incredibly portable and also incredibly essential. During the cold months or when temperatures uncharacteristically drop, a well-regulated greenhouse could save your plants. No farm should attempt to raise crops without help from a greenhouse. Portable greenhouses will keep your plants growing strong and healthy, no matter what the weather is like outside; plus, they're easy to take down and are highly portable.

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Animal ShelterAnimal Shelters - If you're raising animals, make it a point to invest in a portable animal shelter. These shelters are great for grazing animals, because they provide shelter from both the sun and rain. When you let you horses or cattle out of the barn for the day, you'll feel better knowing that they have shelter in case there is inclement weather. The nice thing about animal shelters is that they are easy to set up, easy to break down, and easy to travel with. If you know there is going to be a bad storm, put your animals in the barn for the night and pack up the animal shelter so it doesn't get damaged. There are also animal shelters that are bigger and are intended as sheltered practice rings. If you have an equestrian farm, and you want to practice for an upcoming event, simply set up your practice shelter for a comfortable ride out of the wind, rain, or sun.

Metal Buildings - Whether you're raising cattle, opening a horse ranch, or focusing on horticulture, the one thing every farm needs is a storage building. In order to store all of your farming equipment, feed, seeds, and other supplies, make sure to erect a portable metal shelter that is large enough to house all of your tools and equipment. This will help keep your equipment in tip-top shape. It will also allow you to pack up and relocate the building whenever you need to.

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