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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Storing Your RV in a Carport

RV carportFor many snowbirds, and RV is the purchase of a lifetime. Retirees are ready to hit the road, traveling to warm destinations to escape the arctic conditions delivered by Old Man Winter.

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Obviously, buying a RV is a major purchase and a huge investment. It's important to protect your investment.

RV carportSome owners will park RV's for several months at a time and then take them out of storage for long trips lasting weeks or even months. So what are your storage options with an RV? You would need a very large garage to accommodate most RV's. You can store it at a storage facility or camping facility but that's going to come with a hefty monthly rental fee. Or, you could make another important purchase and store your RV in a portable carport.

Despite the name, there are many portable carports that are big enough to store and protect an RV.

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You run risks when storing an RV or camper outdoors all year long. The weather can take a toll. We are not just talking about rain storms, snow storms and strong winds. Those are a given. The sun and its powerful UV rays can also cause damage over time. Exposure to sun and rain means increased risk of fading and rusting.

This is where a portable carport really pays off. Carport Depot features many portable carports that can protect your RV from all kinds of inclement weather and harsh conditions. These portable RV carports are made with galvanized steel or powder-coated structuralized steel frames. They also come with strong and dependable covers.

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