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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Storing Your Motorcycle in a Carport

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motorcycle storageFor people in many parts of the country, the holiday season is a time of year that is better for snowmobiles than motorcycles. That might be a bummer for bikers but it's wise to take the hint from Mother Nature and put the motorcycle away until springtime.

Motorcycle owners may be wondering what the best option to store their ride is. If you are a motorcycle owner who doesn't have a garage or does not want to take up space in your garage, a carport might be the perfect hibernation home for your motorcycle.

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motorcycle storageKeeping a motorcycle in good condition all year round can only add to the longevity of the bike. That's why it's a good idea to shop for a dependable carport. This does not mean you need to shop for a huge vehicle shelter. You can find carports that are just the right size for motorcycles. If you are only looking to shield a motorcycle from the elements, you don't want to take up a big amount of space of your property. Look for a motorcycle garage between six and 12 feet wide. That size should be enough to get proper protection for your two-wheel vehicle.

Storage Tips

Before you store your motorcycle for the winter, get the bike cleaned up. Give it a good wash and wax. Perform any maintenance outlined in the owner's manual. Check the tires for wear and tear and inflate them to the proper pressure. If you need to replace tires, do it now, before the spring riding season rolls around. Lube the chain and cables.

It's also a good idea to change the oil. Even if your motorcycle will not be sitting that long, it's a good idea to add fresh oil. Dirty oil contains contaminates that can increase corrosion.

Add fuel stabilizer to the bike. Measure the fuel stabilizer into the gas tank according to the instruction on the bottle. When you are done, start the engine. Let the motorcycle run long enough so the stabilizer can work through the fuel system.

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