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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Steel Carports

Steel CarportsA key component of all carports, steel is used for the frame and, in some cases, for the roof. The metal's strength allows it, as a frame, to stay strong against the elements, holding up to all weather conditions and not rusting from water or moisture buildup. Steel, however, is not uniform across all carport designs. Certain carports are composed of powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel, while others have a galvanized frame. Some, additionally, have a steel frame and polyethylene cover, and others are fully metal. Out of these options, which steel carport is better for sheltering your vehicles?

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Most steel carports have a powder-coated frame. Encompassing seasonal valance structures and square tube shelters, powder-coated carports have an all-steel Dupontâ„¢ Thermoset baked-on finish, and warranties vary. While some of these steel carports are ideal for seasonally covering a boat or car, others are better-suited for long-term storage needs.

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Steel Carport KitsAll powder-coated steel carports through Carport Depot are accompanied by polyethylene covers. While the steel frame, once anchored into the ground, gives the shelter its physical strength against the weather, the polyethylene combats UV damage and water buildup, both of which damage the surface of a vehicle over time. A heavy-duty material, waterproof and UV-resistant polyethylene will not lock moisture inside and is used for both valance and enclosed carports.

Metal carports are composed fully of steel and are considered some of the strongest portable storage structures available. These carports have a galvanized steel frame and a 29-gauge steel roof and come with 20-year warranties. For protecting your vehicles underneath, the steel naturally keeps UV rays and water away and, for long-term outdoor use, is resistant to rust, rot, termites, and fire.

Regardless of the steel used, all carports must be anchored into the ground to be fully effective; otherwise, wind can blow the shelter over, and snow cause it to collapse. If you plan to move the structure in the future, install the steel carport with an anchor kit. If the carport is needed for long-term storage and will be permanently kept in place, consider setting the frame in cement during installation.

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