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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Steel Carport

Steel CarportVehicles, boats, RVs, and any other personal possession you may have not properly protected are susceptible to the damaging effects of the weather. Homes without garages need a way to protect your vehicles in order to preserve their value. If you do not want the headache or high cost of adding a full garage, a steel carport is a great alternative.

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A steel carport is a less expensive, easier, and practical alternative to building a full garage. At Carport Depot, we offer a wide variety of steel carports at discounted prices. You can purchase a steel carport at a fraction of the price of a full garage. We have many different sizes and accessories, so we can accommodate any of your storage needs.

Need to store multiple vehicles? Have a boat that needs storage in the winter? Maybe you own a farm and need a spot to keep all of your large, expensive equipment so it is not sitting out in the rain or snow. At Carport Depot we have a huge selection of steel carports in different sizes with several accessories. We offer steel carports in sizes between 12 and 30 feet wide and from 7 to 12 feet high. This allows you to get the steel carport that fits your needs. Wider carports give you the option to store multiple vehicles, and taller heights make it so you can store larger vehicles. If you own an RV or boat, you want to protect them from being damaged by the weather. They are large investments, and to keep their value, you must provide them protection.

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Our steel carports come with a frame made from 14 gauge triple layer galvanized steel tubing that is resistant to rust, fire, termites and rot. The roof is a 29 gauge steel sheet with an 80,000-PSI strength minimum. The steel roof will give your vehicle protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, rain, and snow. The standard models come in a valance style with only a one-foot overhang from the roof. This allows easy access in and out because there are no sides to the carport. If you want to increase the protection, you can purchase accessories such as steel side extensions or gable kits. The side extensions come in three-foot increments and will give you increased protection. If you want full protection for your vehicle, a gable kit will enclose the vehicle on three sides.

One of our steel carports will give your vehicle protection from harsh weather. Choose the right size for your needs and feel confident that your investment will be shielded from any damaging elements.

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