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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Steel Carport Kits

Steel Carport KitsSteel carport kits are a sensible alternative to building a barn or additional garage space; both of the aforementioned will require the hiring an architect to draw up the plans and then hiring a knowledgeable and experienced contractor to build the new storage structure. Architects and contractors are very expensive and most of the times the new building comes in over budget.

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One way to avoid the costs and aggravation of building a new storage structure is to purchase and install a steel carport. These carports are ideal for the family farmer or the family that owns several large sport utility vehicles. One of the advantages to purchasing a steel carport is that they come with all of the materials that are needed for installation; this would include: detailed instructions, customer support lines and all of the framing, screws and anchors. The covers are waterproof and extra siding can be purchased for some models so the entire structure can be enclosed.

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The 24'W x 33.5'L x 12.5'H metal carport is 12'6" High at sides and 15'6"H at its peak. The attractive silicone coating will not require frequent paint or attract termites. The silicon coating on the roof carries a 20-year, limited warranty, which covers the workmanship and material quality. The complete kits include all framing and hardware, plus painted steel roofing, vinyl trim, and butyl caulk tape. The patented Swag, slip-fit the design simplifies the construction process; these kits can be assembled in a few hours and the ground anchors are also included. Carport installation services are available in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southeast New York and Northern New Jersey.

Steel carport kits will protect a person's vehicles from rain, sleet or ultraviolet rays. Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight can cause the paint on a car to peel and corrode.

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