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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Simple Carport Canopy Repairs

carport canopyThe canopy on a durable carport should provide protection from rough weather and long-term sun exposure.

However, there may be times when a repair job is in order. The good news is, repairing a soft canopy can be simple, especially when done properly.

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So how do you know when a repair is needed? Sometimes it’s not so obvious. If you see water coming in and suspect a tear, thoroughly check the canopy cover. It’s important to repair the canopy in a timely fashion before the tear gets bigger or allows too much water to get into the canopy. Plus, if there tear gets too big, it might get to the point where a repair job is no longer possible. This means purchasing a new canopy.

The tear can be caused by an isolated incident or just by years of wear and tear. The items inside the canopy will be damaged if proper protection is not in place.

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A good carport and portable shelter provider will have the tools and kits needed to perform a proper carport canopy repair job. This includes things like an oil-free solution. Such a solution should be used to clean to canopy before any repair work has begun.

Check in with a portable carport depot provider to find out more about proper canopy repair.

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