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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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RV Portable Garages

rv portable garageA glorious view of the country, a few days in the woods, and a safe shelter away from home are all perks of owning an RV. This unique vehicle comes with a high price, however, and, for a family, individual, or group, is a major investment, one you want to get the most out of. But, did you know that even exposure to the elements diminishes the overall lifespan of an RV?

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The changes are always subtle but result from long-term exposure when kept exposed to the outdoors. UV rays are particularly detrimental. The regular exposure, on a basic level, creates faded paint. Going further, UV rays can crack exterior components and even permeate to interior parts. By the time winter is over and the RV started up again for spring, the exterior appears worn and damaged. Water, as well, has an effect and additionally draws mildew, mold, and dry rot to form. In the short term, the vehicle ends up needing repairs. Long-term, the RV does not give you as much use as it could.

rv carportSo, how do you extend the lifespan of an RV and keep it in usable condition from season to season? Decide on an effective shelter solution. RV parks, tarps, and portable garages are all options, but which should you go with?

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RV parks, while keeping your vehicle in a secluded place, still do not guard against UV and water exposure. Tarps, although far more cheaper and effective, have potential to blow off during the winter. RV portable garages take this to a new level, incorporating the protective properties of a heavy-duty polyethylene tarp and a sturdy steel frame.

RV portable garages from Carport Depot are composed of two components: a powder-coated or galvanized steel frame that is anchored into the ground for full strength and effectiveness, and a polyethylene cover treated to be UV resistant, waterproof, rot proof, and mildew resistant. In tandem, the two parts hold up to the elements while blocking out harmful UV rays and water. The top still allows for moderate air circulation, preventing mildew, mold, and dry rot from forming on your vehicle.

Our selection of RV portable garages mirrors the variety this vehicle offers. From peaked to rounded, from shorter to longer, our RV portable garages not only provide the right strength, they additionally offer the right fit. For installing an effective long-term storage solution, measure your RV first and then browse our extensive selection to find the right protective and structural match.

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