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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Portable Storage

Portable StorageIf you've considered portable storage for a car, seasonal vehicle, or equipment but aren't yet sold, what's holding you back? Are you concerned that a portable storage shed won't be as strong as you need, won't give your vehicles adequate protection, or only provides limited options? Before spending your time planning and building a brick-and-mortar structure, think about the advantages of portable storage.

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Versatility, convenience, and low cost are the primary benefits of portable storage buildings. While a brick-and-mortar garage requires building plans, a permit, and construction, a portable storage removes most, if not all, of these hurdles. Each portable storage building kit contains all parts for putting together and installing the shelter, no plans are needed, and a permit is seldom required. As separate materials do not need to be purchased, the cost of the structure ends up being less overall. Additionally, being able to install a portable storage building in any location, within building codes, is an advantage, especially as it can be moved to a new place at a later date.

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Portable StoragePortable storage sheds are constructed to be strong and dependable shelters. All consist of two basic parts: a steel frame and a UV-resistant, waterproof polyethylene cover. To protect any investment underneath, the polyethylene blocks out UV rays and water and will not seal moisture inside. Made out of galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty steel, the frame gives the structure its physical strength, holding up to heavy snow loads and high winds.

With no uniform design, portable storage buildings are suited for various uses. Do you need a shelter that allows you to pull a vehicle in or drive out? Valance-style portable storage sheds are equipped with the necessary features. Designed with a polyethylene top and open sides, valance portable buildings are ideal for covering regularly-used vehicles. If full coverage is needed at a later date, a valance structure can be modified with side walls and end panels. If, on the other hand, the portable building is strictly needed for long-term storage, go with an enclosed structure.

The shape of the portable building can also enhance your storage. While peaked storage structures are standard, a round portable shelter is an asset in snow or rain. With an arched shape, a round portable shelter allows precipitation to roll off the sides and not build up on top.

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