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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Portable Steel Garages

steel portable garageThink about how your body works. Were your spine and bones to be absent, the rest of you would be without structure, if not amorphous. The same idea, of strength, resoluteness, and definition, applies to your portable garage. The steel frame accompanying each shelter is the backbone: strength surrounding the vehicle and in the face of the elements.

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On a basic level, all portable steel garages have such framework. Through Carport Depot, a standard portable garage is a two-part shelter of a galvanized or powder-coated steel frame and a polyethylene cover. Each part offers protective assets. The strength of the steel holds through many outdoor conditions. The polyethylene, treated to be UV resistant, mildew resistant, rot proof, and waterproof, keeps out damaging moisture and sun. Although strong and impermeable, the polyethylene does not lock moisture inside, and as a result, your investment, be it a car, motorcycle, RV, or equipment, does not have mildew, dry rot, or mold form on its surface while in storage.

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steel carportYet, such portable steel garages are not the only option out there. In fact, for the greatest level of strength, fully-steel portable garages and carports are offered through our store. With a valance style, these portable garages are made out of galvanized steel - the most durable option available - and the roof is coated to withstand years of use outdoors. A 20-year warranty makes these steel portable garages one of the most economical options for long-term outdoor storage, and should full coverage be needed, kits for sidewalls can be purchased through Carport Depot.

Before extreme strength entices you, determine what you want to store outdoors and how long the shelter should be set up. Are you considering a seasonal structure? Or, will the portable garage need to withstand years of regular exposure to the elements? Browse through our extensive selection of steel portable garages to determine the best fit for your storage needs and investments.

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