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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Portable Shed Garages

Carports ShedsLarge portable shed garages are perfect for the large commercial farmer or for the owner of several expensive cars, boats or trucks. These sheds are large enough to hold multiple cars, boats or even several large farm tractors; the sheds are fully waterproof and most of them come with a manufacturer's warrantee.

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Instead of drawing up plans and having a contractor build a bricks and mortar shelter on your property, a much better solution would be a large portable shed. A 30'Wx24'Lx20'H House Portable Garage comes with double zipper doors on the front and rear along with 2 3/8" diameter, steel tubing. The door clearance is 20'Wide at the top x 20'Wide at the bottom x 14'High at the sides x 17'High at the center. The anchors are also included. This type of shed garage is large enough to fit five large cars. The steel frame comes with a special powder coating which will go a long way terms of preventing the frame from chipping, peeling, rusting, and or corroding. The Polyethylene (PE) Industrial 14.5 ounce cover comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. The cover has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years; it is made with Fire-rated, fire-retardant CPAI Section 6 and NFPA-701 large scale compliant fabric. This specific cover material comes in forest green, gray, brown, tan, or white. This type of portable shelter and frame is designed to withstand all of the elements while providing matchless sheltering protection. This kind of shelter makes for a great invest and they are very cost effective.

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In addition to being ideal for storing large vehicles or boats, these types of large shelters can also be used to store large amounts of harvested farm, grain and other farm byproducts. The waterproof cover along with the sturdy steel frame will keep farm byproducts free from moisture and harmful insects.

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