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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Portable Garages

Portable GaragesJust how important is shelter for your vehicle? More than you think. While a little rain or sun may seem innocuous, too much can end up being disastrous, especially for seasonal vehicles. A vehicle, such as a boat or RV, kept outdoors in one place for several months is exposed to constant UV rays and water, which, over time, crack internal and external parts, cause paint to fade, and allow mold, mildew, and dry rot to build up on the surface. As a result, your vehicle ends up needing more maintenance over the years and will likely not give you as much use as you want.

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But, if your property is not equipped with a brick-and-mortar garage, what are your options? For saving money while giving your vehicle the right amount of shelter, go with a portable garage. Versatile and convenient storage shelters, portable garages do not require you to create building plans and, in most cases, do not need a building permit for installation. Additionally, these storage structures can be placed practically anywhere, within building codes, on your property and moved to another location at any time.

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Portable GaragesA standard portable garage consists of two basic components attached with heavy-duty hardware: a UV-resistant and waterproof polyethylene cover and a steel frame. While the polyethylene material guards against UV exposure and water buildup, the frame holds up to heavy snow loads and high winds. Frames for portable garages come in one of two basic types: powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel and galvanized steel. Typically, galvanized steel is used for portable garages designed for long-term outdoor use, although square tube powder-coated frames are another option for this level of strength. Powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel is common for seasonal structures.

When you look around a site like Carport Depot, you may find that covered portable garages come in a variety of styles: valance or enclosed, and barn, round, or house shaped. How do you know which one benefits your needs? Before you purchase, decide why you need a portable garage, when it will be used, and where it will be installed.

Ask yourself, "Is the portable garage for covering a car I will use every day or for storing a boat or RV throughout the winter?" In general, valance portable garages have features designed for every day vehicles, or those used frequently, and enclosed structures offer the full protection needed for seasonally or yearly storing an investment. If more protection is needed out of a valance portable garage at a later date, it can be modified with side walls and end panels.

For enclosed portable garages, consider the shape. Although peaked frames, or house styles, are standard, a round portable garage is an asset in areas with high precipitation. With a rounded frame, this type of portable garage allows rain and snow to roll down the sides and to the ground, preventing snow buildup in the process.

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