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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Extra Storage While On Vacation Using Portable Garages

portable storageIf your vacation home is long on relaxation and splendor and short on garage space, consider a portable garage from Carport Depot.

Let's face it. Most vacation homes are second homes and may be short on garage or outdoor shelter space. That lack of space may be cramping your getaway style.

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Start with this: If you park your camper or boat at your vacation home, you may stuck to find a suitable parking place, one that provides shelter from the elements.

This is where the portable garage becomes a great investment. After all, the camper and/or boat are investments. These portable garages are made with galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel with a polyethylene cover. This is how Carport Depot offers protection designed to last.

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Because these portable garages are portable, they can be transported back and forth between a main home and a vacation home. This means an item like a boat can be stored and protected at both homes. This can save you the cost of having the boat put into storage during the off-season. Carport Depot has large portable carports that are perfect for such storage. This is important for boat owners. If left out in the elements over a long period of time, boats are susceptible to dry rot, mildew, faded finishes, cracking paint and mold buildup.

Portable protection and added storage space might be just what you need to make your vacation home complete. Protect your vacation investments with an investment in a quality portable garage.

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