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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Portable Carports

Portable CarportsFor saving money on protecting your vehicles without compromising quality, go with a portable carport. Convenient and versatile, portable carports have several advantages over ordinary brick-and-mortar garage. If your property is not equipped with such a structure, building plans need to be drawn up, and a permit is required for construction to start. Portable carports, on the other hand, include all parts needed to set up the shelter and rarely need a building permit. As these shelters can be taken down and set up at another point, one can be added practically anywhere, within building code limits, on a property.

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If any additional convincing on behalf of portable carports is needed, consider what happens to a vehicle when left outside in one place for several months. While damage is gradual, UV exposure and water buildup can crack internal or external parts, fade the paint, and cause mold, mildew, and dry rot to form on the surface. Over time, this exposure and resulting damage end up costing you more in maintenance and shorten the lifespan of your boat, car, RV, or equipment.

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Portable CarportsStandard portable carports are composed of two durable and protective parts: a steel frame and a UV-resistant and waterproof polyethylene cover. Either solely on top or surrounding the frame, the polyethylene keeps damaging UV rays and water away from any vehicles underneath and will not trap moisture inside. Made of galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel, the frame provides the physical strength component and holds up to heavy snow loads and high winds.

Some portable carports, however, are fully made out of steel. As some of the stronger portable carports available, these steel structures come with a 20-year warranty. Composed of a galvanized steel frame and a 29-gauge steel roof, each fully metal carport naturally keeps UV rays and water away from your vehicle and resists rust, rot, termites, and fire. While portable metal carports often have valance frames, they can be modified with side walls or gable kits to provide full coverage.

Valance frames are ideal for protecting every day vehicles. Vehicles under valance carports can easily pull in and out, without front flaps or zipper doors hindering the process. If, on the other hand, a car, boat, RV, or equipment is to be kept in storage for several months at a time, opt for an enclosed portable carport. With side walls and end panels already added to the frame, this type of portable carport gives the investments inside the full protection needed.

Carports are built to hold up to high snow loads and heavy winds, but only if anchored correctly. For giving a portable carport the full strength it needs, use an anchor kit during installation, or set the frame in cement in the ground.

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