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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Metal Portable Garages

Metal Portable GaragesPortable metal garages are ideal items for the families that are constantly on the go – more specifically, families with multiple children who are also highly active in a variety of sports. These types of sheds are perfect for storing sports equipment like soccer balls, skies, All Terrain Vehicles and even small watercrafts.

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The 10'Wx12'Lx8'H House Portable Garage is the epitome of a portable garage that will help a busy family keep of their stuff dry, protected and safe. The All-steel Dupontâ„¢ Thermoset baked on powder-coated finish protects the steel from chipping, peeling, rusting, and corroding; all frame tubes and connectors go through a rigorous 13-step Rhino Shield surface preparation process. The ShelterLock stabilizers will provide a high level of strength and create a resilient carport frame. The universal steel foot plates provide highly stable connectivity between the frame and ground anchors, cement, or pony walls. And the bolt-together hardware, added to each and every connection point, allows for the highest level of strength and durability. This type of portable metal garage is as easy to assemble as it is easy to disassemble.

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One of the best ways for boat owners to save money is to store their boats in a safe, secure, weather resistant portable metal garage. Instead of spending thousands of dollars having to store your sailboat, power boat or other watercraft in a marina or on a dry dock, our vast array of portable metal garages will prove to be a very sound investment. These portable metal garages can be built on a boat owner's property and this will give them a peace of mind knowing that their boat and or family sports equipment is being protected. This shelter will protect a person's valued possessions from rain, sleet, snow or excessive sunlight; and, in the long run, it might save homeowners a great deal of money.

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