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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Metal Carports Sale

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Metal Carports SaleOne of the largest metal carports on the market is the 30'W x 51.5'L x 11'H Metal Carport sold by Carport Depot. The silicone coating on the 30'W x 51.5'L x 11'H Metal Carport will not require frequent paint or attract insects; the silicon coating on the roof of this commercial grade metal carport comes with a 20-year, limited warranty. This warranty covers workmanship and material quality. These types of carports are built to withstand hurricanes, blizzards and prolonged exposure to ultra violet rays. The complete kits include all of the framing material and hardware, plus the painted steel roofing, the vinyl trim, and the butyl caulk tape. The ground anchors are also included; they are made with 67 percent recycled steel. This commercial grade metal carport is ideal for the large construction company, the big family farm or even a large resort.

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For the owners of construction companies, installing a large carport at your headquarters is a smart idea. At night, the carport can be used to shelter numerous trucks, trailers, tools, back hoes and dump trucks. During the day, when the vehicles are out at the job sites, the carport can be used to temporarily store construction material, unused tools and even debris from previous jobs. For the owners of a hotels and resorts, a large metal carport can be used to shelter large amounts of patio furniture, golf carts, shuttle buses and anything else that needs to be shielded from the wrath of Mother Nature. For those commercial farmers with a great deal of expensive equipment, a large metal carport is cheaper than building a new barn. The 30'W x 51.5'L x 11'H Metal Carport is wide enough and high enough to store commercial grade tractors, coach busses and large recreational vehicles.

Several metal carports for sale are sold through Carport Depot. Browse our selection to see all we have to offer.

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