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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Metal Carport Kits

Metal Carport KitsOur metal carport kits, secured to into the ground, provide the best possible protection for your cars, trucks, boats, horse trailers or heavy duty equipment. At, we sell a wide assortment of top of the line metal carports, greenhouses and animal shelters.

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Our 24'W x 29'L x 12.5'H metal carport is wide enough to store three large pickup trucks. The silicon coating on the roof of this carport carries a 20-year, limited warranty, which covers workmanship and material quality. The complete kits include all framing and hardware, plus painted steel roofing, vinyl trim, and butyl caulk tape. As a do-it-yourself project, this carport kit can be assembled in hours. For your convenience, the ground anchors for this carport are also included.

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When not being used for sheltering vehicles, this carport can also be used for protecting many other investments. Essentially, any item requiring storage can be placed inside a metal carport. If additional carport accessories are necessary, customers can buy floor mats, and we also sell Gable Frame kits that can be used to completely enclose your shelter. With the purchase and installation of the siding and floor mats, the carport is able to provide your vehicles with year round protection from torrential rain storms, blizzards and excessive heat. At, we have all of your metal carport kit needs covered.

If you do not have the time or the required skills to construct your metal carport kit, we also offer our installation services. This installation option is available in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southeast New York and Northern New Jersey. All manufacturer warranties are available upon request before any purchase. Warranty hard copies are provided along with the receipt your products. On our website, we have pictures of our metal carport kits, canopies, shelters, as well details for our shipping and refund policies.

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