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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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In the Market for a Portable Greenhouse

portable greenhouiseFor many people who love to garden, owning a greenhouse would be a dream come true. Being the owner of a great greenhouse means never again having to garden only "in season" or worry about how to prepare certain prepare certain flowers and plants for winter. A greenhouse allows you to grow all year round.

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Greenhouses are now longer items that are only affordable to the affluent crowd. The green thumb crowd can now afford sturdy, reliable greenhouses as well. An enclosed carport or portable garage is terrific as an affordable and easy-to-assemble option.

So what do you need to know before you buy a greenhouse?

portable greenhouseThink about ventilation. Overheating can problems for plants that call a greenhouse home. A good greenhouse must retain warm air during the colder months and be able to release hot air during the summer months. There needs to be venting near the top of the structure and base vents for proper air intake. Areas with warmer climates may need some extra equipment, such as exhaust fans.

See the light. Plants that love the sun need six hours of sunlight per day. Southern exposure is good for growth. Northern exposure might be a little too shady.

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This is where a portable garage or enclosed can really pay off for someone in the market for a greenhouse. Look for a portable garage with galvanized steel or a powder-coated steel frame. A translucent polyethylene cover is also plus. When looking for an affordable option, remember that a portable greenhouse costs much less a greenhouse made of brick and mortar.

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