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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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How to Select a Replacement Canopy for Your Carport

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carportSo, your carport canopy ripped - isn't that the worst? Now you have to purchase a new one, and you're completely overwhelmed by the task. The bottom line is this: You need to get that canopy replaced. Follow these tips to find the best, most secure canopy replacement for your carport.

Determine the Cause - First things first, determine how and why your canopy cover ripped or broke in the first place. Is this premature damage or was your canopy cover old and tired? If your canopy is brand new and there is no reason that your cover should be damaged so soon, contact the manufacturer. If they promised you a sturdy, strong, weather-resistant canopy, then maybe yours had a defect. See if they will replace it free of charge. In fact, you may want to double check and see if your canopy is still under warranty. On the other hand, if your canopy is no longer under warranty and you know that you purchased a cheaper cover, well, you get what you paid for. The good news is that there are replacement covers out there made from higher-quality materials. Don't settle for a replacement that is going to rip or break in a few years, but rather a cover that is going to last until the framing gives way, too.

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equipment storageDiscover Stronger Materials - If you're looking for a replacement cover that is going to last a long time then you need to invest in one that is made from high quality materials. For soft-top covers, look specifically for polyethylene. What is polyethylene? It's really just a fancy name for plastic. It's extremely tough and chemically resistant. It is snag and cut resistant and wears well under UV rays. If you are looking to replace a hard-top cover, keep an eye out for tough materials like galvanized steel, polycarbonate, and aluminum. All three of these materials are durable, strong, rust, and UV resistant. If you want a cover that is going to hold up against Mother Nature, and look good while doing it, then make sure you find a replacement made with one of these materials.

Dimensions - Okay, so you've found the perfect carport cover replacement; before you order, make sure that the cover you like is going to fit the frame of your existing carport. All replacement parts should come with a listing of compatible carports. If it doesn't, contact the manufacturer to find out if the cover will easily attach to your carport. Finding out if the two are compatible will be much easier if the replacement cover you are ordering comes from the same manufacturer as your carport.

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