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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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How to Select a Carport for Your Boat

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boat storageCongratulations, you are now a boat owner! Or, maybe you've been a boat owner for a while. Regardless, when it comes time to pull your vessel out of the water and store her away for the winter, how are you going to do it? We sure do hope you said under some type of shelter. One of the best ways to protect your boat during the harsh winter months is to store it underneath a portable carport. Now we know what you're thinking, "Aren't carports for cars?" Well, yes, but carports come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some specifically for cars and others specifically for boats. Keep reading to find out how you should store your boat under a carport.

Proper Length and Height - First things first, before you purchase a carport, make sure you measure the length and height of your vessel. Estimating won't do; you don't want to pull your boat out of the water, just to find out that it doesn't fit in your portable shelter. When measuring your boat, you shouldn't just measure the vessel itself but the height and length of the trailer as well. Your vessel should be stored on the trailer to provide support to the keel, gunnels, and motor. The trailer can then be backed into the carport. When checking the dimensions, make sure to include the trailer as well as the vessel in your measurements.

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jet ski storageCompletely Enclosed - On your hunt to find the perfect carport shelter, you'll come across many styles, shapes, and sizes. It is pertinent at this point that you make sure the carport you choose has four distinct walls that can be fastened and secured. This is important, because you don't want rain water, snow, ice, dirt, and debris building up inside your shelter. Keep your boat clean, protected, and damage free by purchasing a carport that is completely enclosed.

Durable Material - Whatever shelter you decide to purchase, make sure it is strong and durable. The last thing you want is a ripped cover or weak framing. When shopping for a portable carport, make sure the cover is made of polyethylene, and that the frame is made of galvanized heavy-duty structured steel. Only the strongest materials will keep your carport for ripping, tearing, or buckling from snow, wind, rain, and ice. Don't settle for something of lesser quality – the protection of your vessel depends on it.

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