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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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How to Repair a Torn Canopy

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carport replacement coverTears, whether they be major or minor, can be caused by simple wear and tear, human error, or prolonged exposure to harsh weather. When a tear in a carport canopy is detected, it is vital that the tear be repaired in a timely fashion. If the tear goes undetected or if the tear is not repaired in the proper fashion, then it will only get worse, and the consumer might even have to purchase a whole new canopy. When a tear, rip or small hole happens to a carport canopy, then the vehicle that the canopy is protecting also subject to becoming damaged; in particular, vintage cars are highly susceptible to ultraviolet rays, harsh rain, and or thunderstorms.

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As a general rule, especially after a particularly harsh weather event, it is wise to conduct a monthly close inspection of a carport canopy. But what happens if the canopy has a tear?

  1. When a tear has been detected in a carport canopy, the first step in the repair process is to clean and inspect the entire canopy.
  2. It is best to use an oil-free cleaning solution to clean the top and bottom surface of the canopy around the tear.
  3. Once the area in and around the tear has been cleaned, then it is best to allow the fabric to dry completely; reason being is, the tape will not adhere to the fabric if it contains any moisture.
  4. After purchasing a roll of high-quality canopy repair tape from your local hardware store or canopy retail outlet, carefully place a piece of repair tape over the top side of the tear and then press out any bubbles in the tape.
  5. Place a second piece of tape over the bottom side of the tear. If the tape does not sit properly, then do not remove it; simply apply another piece of tape over the mislaid one.

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