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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Two (or More) Cars, One Carport

How to Choose a Portable Garage to Cover Multiple Cars

Portable GarageCarports are great for storing vehicles that don't have a proper place in a brick-and-mortar garage. Maybe you have more than one car that needs to be sheltered from Mother Nature. If so, can you shelter both vehicles in the same portable garage? Of course you can. Here is how.

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Joiners - Let's say that you have more than one portable garage on your property, but you hate how much space they take up. You're tired of portable garages taking up your yard and driveway space, but you need them in order to shelter your vehicles. Here is what you can do. Take those portable garages and combine them to make one larger one. Sure, theoretically speaking, you're not really saving any space; however, your yard or driveway will look bigger, since you won't have portable garages spread out all over the place. Joiners are great because they effectively join two carports of the same size and shape into one. You can purchase a joiner kit from your current portable garage supplier.

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Purchase a Double Carport - If you haven't purchased a carport yet, make sure you look into larger options that can shelter multiple vehicles. We know what you're thinking, "Larger portable shelters are going to cost me more money than the smaller ones." This is true; however, if you purchase two or three smaller and cheaper portable garages, you really won't be saving any more money than if you simply bought the larger one. The best part about buying a larger, multivehicle carport is that you can choose your dimensions. There are so many carport sizes to choose from, so don't settle with something that isn't going to accommodate your specific needs. Do you want to park your vehicles side by side? Opt for a wider portable garage. Do you want your vehicles lined up nose to tail, go ahead and order a carport that is extra long. Before you purchase a multivehicle carport, we advise you measure the lengths and widths of your vehicles and then add extra space for storage and personal mobility. Once you know your dimensions, you can then start shopping.

There is no reason you should pick and choose which vehicle gets sheltered and which is left out in the rain, sun, and snow. If you have more than one vehicle to protect, why not invest in a multivehicle carport or simply join together the two carports you already have?

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