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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Garage with Carport

Garage with CarportYour garage is easily one of the most important rooms in your home. The garage is where you park your vehicles, store tools and equipment, and where you work on hobbies and projects. Not only does a garage keep your investments safe, but it's also where you make memories with your family. If your garage is important, if it is indeed a well-used room in your home, imagine what you could do if you had a carport with your garage!

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Build a carport next to your home, and imagine the extra storage space available to you and your family. Just think: you can finally clean out the attic or reorganize your attached garage! Want to get gardening tools or other machinery out of the house? Just put them in your carport; they'll be protected and out of the way! Carports are great for storing just about anything. Is your son or daughter coming home from college, and you don't have any place to store all the boxes and bags? Simply unload everything into your carport and their bags will be safely stowed away until the next semester.

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Carports are commonly used for a more fundamental purpose – parking. Use your carport as an extra parking space for you and your family's vehicles or for guests! If you have a busy household with social teenagers, you can easily relate to an over-crowded driveway. Keep your guests' vehicles off the lawn by offering a carport parking area. You'll be happy that your driveway is more organized, and they'll be happy to park under a protective shelter.

Carports aren't limited to the previously mentioned usages. Set up yours to act as a work shed! Perhaps your home garage is too small to act as a work shop, or maybe you prefer some place quiet and a little removed from the home. Set up your new carport as a work shed, and you'll always have a covered, dry place to work on your projects and hobbies.

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