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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Four Ways a Portable Garage Can Make a Vehicle Last

CarportWondering whether or not a portable garage is a good investment? We can't think of a reason it wouldn't be. Here are some ways that a portable garage can make a vehicle last longer. Let's go through each of Mother Nature's elements to see how a carport can better protect your vehicle from them.

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Sun Damage - Ever see those vehicles where the paint looks like it was baked on? It's all faded and damaged and just looks terrible. This is literally what happens when your car gets sunburned. Yes, you read that right - sunburned. UV rays aren't just damaging to our skin; they're harmful to the paint and metal on your car, too. In order to keep your vehicle from getting sun damaged, it's important to park it out of the sun as often as possible. If you don't have a garage, a portable carport is the next best thing. If you park your car outside at work, remember to apply a fresh coat of wax every year to protect your car from UV rays.

CarportWind and Rain - Thunderstorms, you can't avoid them, and sometimes they simply sneak up on you. In order to protect your car from acid rain, high winds, hail, and other damage that can be done by intense thunderstorms, make sure you always park it under your portable carport. No matter how much you paid for your carport, your car is probably worth more, so let your shelter take a beating and not your vehicle.

Fallen Branches - It could happen during a storm, after a blizzard, or simply at random; tree branches fall and you don't want one landing on your car. Most insurance companies won't cover "acts of God," which they consider to be damage caused by fallen branches and the like. Why leave your vehicle at risk? Park it in your portable garage; that way, surprise falling branches won't put a dent in your car and your day.

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Kids and Pets - It's summertime, the weather is perfect, and it seems like all the neighborhood kids and dogs are out running about. The last thing you want is a kid, or dog, to drag a stick down the side of your new car. Sure, kids will be kids, but that doesn't mean your vehicle has to suffer because of it! Park your vehicle in a place where rowdy kids, stray dogs, and fly balls can't damage it.

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