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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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DIY Carports

DIY CarportsAt Carport Depot, we are proud to offer DIY carports for our customers. Our carports are so easy to set up and take down that professional installation is not necessary. The simple, yet effective design of our products allows for anyone to be successful in constructing a carport that will provide protection for your possessions.

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At Carport Depot, you can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a DIY carport with us. We always sell our products at well below retail price. Save thousands by buying one of our carports instead of having a brick and mortar garage built at your home. Material cost is much lower, and you will not have to pay labor charges, because all of our carports are do-it-yourself kits.

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canopy anchorsSetting up one of our DIY carports is easy and will take no time at all. You will construct your new carport by setting up a heavy duty steel frame that comes with a powder-coated finish. The finish will protect the steel from ever chipping, peeling, rusting, or corroding. Our ShelterLock stabilizers provide a high level of strength and create a resilient carport frame. The steel foot plates provide better connectivity between the frame and ground anchors. All of the hardware bolts together at every connection point, allowing for the highest level of strength and durability possible. All of the tubing is swedged to make assembly quicker and easier. No cutting or drilling is needed at any point in the construction of your carport.

After the frame is constructed, you can attach the polyethylene cover. The heavy-duty polyethylene material that is used for the cover is treated to be UV resistant and waterproof. The cover will provide protection for your investments from being damaged by the sun's harmful UV rays or rain. The front and back are sealed up by zipper, giving you two entrance options. Your possessions will be protected on all four sides, so you can be confident that they will not be damaged by the elements. After the cover is on, you can use the anchors to better secure the carport to the ground.

In no time at all, you will have set up one of our carports all by yourself. If you enlist a few friends to help you construct the carport, you can get it done even faster. Now you have an outdoor storage facility that is versatile, reliable, and can easily be moved if you have to.

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