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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Cleaning Your Greenhouse

portable greenhouseFolks who love to garden likely would love the chance to own a greenhouse. A greenhouse allows for year-round gardening.

Of course, a permanent structure can be hard for a person to obtain and maintain. The good news is, there are other ways to have a greenhouse without building a permanent structure.

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Carport Depot delivers great portable greenhouse structures. These portable structures are built with the same strength of the portable garages and carports, but designed to look like greenhouses. They consist of a steel frame and a clear, translucent cover.

Keep it Clean

Believe it or not, your greenhouse could become a breeding ground for germs. We're taking about things like fungus and bugs. It's important to try and keep your greenhouse relatively clean. Make sure there are no weeds growing through the floor or in the grass at the bottom. You may need to physically remove such weeds. You also want to get rid of any excess debris or soil. Consider using an outdoor-ready vacuum cleaner to clean and remove this excess dirt from the greenhouse floor and/or shelves.

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Check with your local garden shop or home improvement center. They may sell cleaners that are specifically made for greenhouse use. High-pressure power washers with soap and water are also a reliable way to clean the greenhouse, especially if there is dried, caked-on dirt on walls and covers.

You also want to be on the lookout for algae. This can grow on benches, pots and coverings. This is one reason why it's important that your portable greenhouse remains on even ground.

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