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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Choosing a Riding Arena

temporary riding arenaHorse owners who are new to an area may be left to wonder how to find a safe place to ride the horse. Luckily, it's become easier in recent years to go online and find riding trails and parks that cater to horses.

Proper shelter is also important to horses, especially in times of travel. If the horse's stable is not available, there are options that will not sacrifice safety.

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Carport Depot offers portable animal shelters built to safely shelter horses and other animals. If a horse needs to be kept outdoors, but does not have a stable available, these portable animal shelters will shade them from sun and rain.

Carport Depot also offers affordable riding arenas. These structures are easy to assemble and can help a horse owner looking for a riding area and a suitable shelter.

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These riding arenas are designed to provide indoor riding conditions. The arenas also come in a variety of sizes, up to 72 feet wide and 32 feet tall. Lengths vary. The riding arenas are also designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Each riding shelter at Carport Depot is a heavy-duty engineered truss building. They are designed out of 50-ksi square tubing. All the square tubing is galvanized. The riding arena is rounded at the top and comes with a polyethylene cover. Front and back sides of the shelter are open, with the option of adding end panels for closure on either side.

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