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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Cheap Carports

Cheap CarportsAt we have number cheap carports, canopies, and greenhouses currently on sale.

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One of the best ways for boat owners to save money is to store their vehicles in one of our safe, secure, and weather resistant cheap carports. Instead of spending thousands of dollars having to store your sailboat, power boat, or other watercraft in a marina or dry dock, you can find sufficient shelter from our vast array of cheap carports and portable garages for long-term storage.

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Cheap CarportIn terms of storage, we offer three primary styles: Barn, House and Round; within each style, we offer a variety of sizes. Our popular 12'W x 36'L x 8'H carport comes with double zipper doors in the front and the rear. It also comes with highly durable steel tubing and the necessary anchors. All such shelters can be ordered in either a Hunter Green color or a white cover material. Aside from its typical use, this cheap carport is wide enough to store a boat during the winter months and even act as a temporary garage for vehicles the size of an SUV. This shelter will protect your valued possessions from rain, sleet, snow, or excessive sunlight; and in the long run, it will save you a great deal of money. At, we have your entire carport needs covered.

All manufacturer warranties are available upon request before any purchase. But, before you purchase, also check ordinances and building codes for your area; in some instances, your town or neighborhood may have restrictions for carports. For finding the right shelter that meets your storage needs and budget and your area's specifications, you can browse our pictures of cheap carports, canopies, truss buildings, shelters, as well as our shipping and refund policies.

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