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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Carports for Sale

Carports for SaleAt, we have a wide selection of affordable, durable and easy to assemble carports for cars and trucks. Our carports for cars and trucks range from the small ten foot carport all the way up to our thirty foot barn style carports. Our ten foot carport is built with a powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel frame and a polyethylene cover. This combination of the steel frame and the polyethylene cover will provide a safe and secure place to store your car or truck. Our thirty foot barn style carport can be also be used to store farm equipment, construction materials or several small cars and or trucks.

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Carport KitsIn addition to carports for cars and trucks, we also have a wide selection of high quality carports for sale for boats and other watercraft devices. With the ever increasing costs of storing a boat at your local marina or keeping it on a dry dock, at the present time, we are currently holding a sale on all of our boat storage shelters. Why run the risk of storing you beloved motor boat, sail boat or watercraft under a poorly manufactured shelter? Our shelters are designed to withstand all that Mother Nature can dole out while keeping your boat protected from ultra-violet rays, rain sleet or snow.

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Lastly, we also sell large carports for buses, campers and recreational vehicles. Much like our carports for cars, trucks and boats, these shelters are made to protect your recreational vehicle or commercial bus from harsh weather, moisture, mildew and or dry rot build up. At the present time, most of our shelters for recreational vehicles, busses or large trucks are on sale.

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