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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Carport Sheds

Carport ShedsThere are a number of good reasons to use carport sheds instead of traditional brick and mortar garages. They're more economical, you can move them around your property, they can be open which makes it easier to drive in and out and of course they protect your vehicles from the elements.

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Carport Depot offers a variety of high quality carport sheds for cars, trucks and motorcycles that are made from galvanized or power-coated heavy-duty structural steel that protect your vehicles from rain, wind, snow and sun.

Carport ShedsOur carport sheds come in a variety of sizes, from 10 foot to 30 foot widths that accommodate single or multi-vehicles. You can also store boats, RVs, motor homes and other equipment in our carport sheds that come in round, barn and house style designs.

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Our carport sheds are equipped with an anchoring systems and rear and front zipper entry doors with polyethylene covers. Choose from a variety of attractive colors, including forest green, gray, brown, tan, white and translucent clear.

Carport Depot carport sheds come in valance and enclosed models. The valance carport sheds are open in the front and back and are ideal for single car storage. Our enclosed carport sheds are best for long term storage of boats or RVs.

One of the best things about Carport Depot carport sheds is the price. With savings of up to $200 from the retail price you get an incredible value, with warrantees of one to three years that protect your purchase.

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