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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Boat Storage and the End of Summer

Boat StorageWhen summer draws to a close, boat owners begin thinking about storage. A boat is an investment that needs proper storage during the boating offseason.

Things can get costly in a hurry. Late summer is the time of year where dry dock advertisements at marinas. Some will try and entice desperate boat owners with "deals" if you lock into a dry dock commitment before the end of summer. That's not to say these deals will not result in reliable storage. It's just good to remember that there are other storage options.

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Why spend thousands of dollars on those expensive dock harbor and dry dock fees? Instead, consider a portable garage or shelter.

Boat StorageThese are not weak or flimsy shelters. We are talking about using an industrial strength portable garage shelter to store your boat. Look for a portable garage and shelter provider that carries house and barn-style shelters for all-purpose protection.

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This is about more than just saving money (although saving money is pretty important). This is about protecting your boat, your investment. Hey, if boating is not fun, why do it? Treat your boat right. These are durable shelters, designed to withstand the elements and provide outstanding UV protection. The time to shop is when the calendar inches closer to Labor Day.

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