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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Boat Canopies

Boat CanopyWhile boats can hold up in the water, they won't always stay strong in the elements. But, you might ask yourself, "Why would rain and some sun ruin my boat?" Some rain and sun, much like a few hours on the water, is innocuous, but too much can gradually damage the vehicle. Over time, consistent exposure to moisture, rain, and UV rays cracks external and internal parts, fades paint, and causes mildew, mold, or dry rot to form on the surface. In addition to making the appearance of your vehicle unsightly, such exposure results in more maintenance over time and likely shortens the boat's lifespan.

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Why take such a chance with your seasonal vehicle when a boat canopy is affordable and efficient? Designed for long-term or seasonal storage, boat canopies are composed of steel frames and UV-resistant and waterproof polyethylene covers. While the polyethylene material shields against UV exposure and water buildup, the frame withstands heavy snow loads and high winds. While most boat canopies have a powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel frames, others are made out of galvanized steel for additional strength against the outdoors.

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When it comes to adding shelter for a vehicle onto your property, boat canopies have multiple advantages over brick-and-mortar garages. First, if a home is not designed with a brick-and-mortar garage, building plans need to be drawn up and a permit must be purchased. Construction for the fixed structure, as well, may end up taking a while, all as the boat stays outdoors. Boat canopies, on the other hand, come with all parts needed and, in most areas, do not need permits. The portable structures can be installed anywhere within building code limits and can be taken down and moved to a different location at a later date.

As you consider a boat canopy for your vehicle, keep the following points in mind. First, the canopy needs to be large enough to fit your vehicle (measure the dimensions beforehand) and another person inside. Second, if your area experiences frequent precipitation, consider storing your vehicle inside a rounded instead of a peaked boat canopy. Third, while boat canopies keep away water and UV rays, make sure your boat is fully dry, inside and out, before placing it in storage. Otherwise, ice, mildew, or dry rot can form inside or on the vehicle during the months in storage.

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