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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Agricultural Advantages of a Portable Greenhouse

portable greenhouseFor people involved in agriculture, professionally or as a hobby, a greenhouse can be very important.

And here is where money can be well-spent. If you are considering a greenhouse for agricultural purposes, but shudder at the thought of shelling out big bucks for a permanent greenhouse structure, take a look at a portable greenhouse. In fact, do yourself a favor and look around for portable garages and carports. Many of these portable structures can act as a greenhouse, without being required to commit to a permanent glass and metal structure. The money required for such a building usually means upfront cost or monthly rental fees.

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All that stuff (or most of it) can be eliminated with a portable greenhouse. All the things that make portable garages and carports sturdy and durable also apply to portable greenhouses. Choose a portable greenhouse that has a galvanized steel or powder-coated steel frame. You’ll also want a translucent cover to protect against UV-rays while still allowing for sunlight. You should also be able to choose from structures in various sizes and shapes.

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The agricultural benefits are immediate once your portable greenhouse is in place. The shelter is able to keep heat inside will providing shelter from the elements. Ventilation can also be established. Check with the portable greenhouse provider about ventilation kits.

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