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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Adding Ventilation to a Portable Garage

carport ventilation kitA portable garage is a tremendous shelter option. Depending on the needs of your portable garage, you may decide ventilation in the garage is needed.

There are plenty of ways to ventilate your portable garage. Consider buying a ventilation kit for the garage. The kit features vents that can be installed on the front and back panels of the shelter. These vents allow for air flow and also help humidity levels low. The vents also have mesh screens to keep out insects.

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Windows can also be installed in certain types of portable metal carports. This might be a good option for the person who spends a lot of time working inside the portable carport. The addition of sunlight and fresh air will likely make for a better work environment. A series of window openings can be cut into the side of the metal carport so that windows can be installed.

The options of windows and/or vents are also attractive who use the portable garages for farming purposes. Ventilation, particularly cross-ventilation, will benefit grains, hay, harvest products and food supplies fresher.

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The Automatic Shelter Vent Kit offered by Carport Depot has those vents with screens to keep out insects and wind debris. It also has a heat-sensitive spring, designed to partially open the vents when the internal temperature of the shelter reaches 74 degrees. The vents will fully open automatically once temperatures automatically reach 104 degrees. The vents will also close automatically once temperatures begin to drop. This also allows heat or condensation to leave the inside of the shelter.

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