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Thursday, February 09, 2012
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Why to Add Ventilation to a Carport

carport ventilation kitCarports and portable garages are great options for storing vehicles and equipment. Choosing a sturdy and reliable carport means never having to keep your vehicle unprotected in bad weather. And carports can offer this protection year-round.

Once you've purchased and assembled your carport, there are ways to make your carport more effective.

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You can improve ventilation inside the shelter with a vent. These are great for fully-enclosed fabric carport or portable shelters. Consider purchasing a ventilation kit for your carport. Choose a ventilation kit that installs in the front and back panels of the shelter. This type of ventilation kit should allow for greater airflow and keep humidity levels down. Look for a ventilation kit with screen mesh to keep insects out. Some ventilation kits will feature two-sided plastic pop rivets. This helps create an airtight seal.

Some new ventilation kits have heat-sensitive springs that automatically begin opening once the temperature begins rising. The more the temperature increases, the more the vent opens. This temperature control will help keep the carport at a reasonable temperature.

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Installing a quality ventilation kit also helps reduce humidity. The most air can have a negative effect over time on a fully enclosed carport or portable shelter. Keeping the air cooler will reduce the chances of mold or mildew developing when the carport is fully closed.

Look for a carport/portable garage dealer that offers quality ventilation kits at affordable prices. The money spent now will help bring out the best in your carport or portable garage.

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