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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Portable Garage
Size: 8'Wx8'Lx8'H End Panel
Style: Round
Retail Price: $105.00
Your Price: $104.00
Item Number: 2Z-080808R
Weight: 20 lbs..
Back |Replacement Covers -> 8ft Wide -> End Panels
When it comes to fully enclosing a carport, don’t forget the front and back. While our full cover replacement kits provide you with top and side polyethylene material, the front and back of a shelter still need to be enclosed. If you need better coverage from your small carport during the winter, go with one of our eight-foot wide end panel kits and couple it with a full cover set of the same size. Ideal for fully enclosing an eight-foot wide valance carport or replacing a torn front or back wall, an eight-foot wide end cover set consists of a panel for the back and a door for the front.