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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Portable Garage
Size: 12'Wx20'Lx8'H
Retail Price: $379.99
Your Price: $299.00
Item Number: 111114
Weight: 75 lbs..
Back |Replacement Covers -> 12ft Wide -> Full Cover Kit
Although polyethylene is a heavy-duty material, strong enough to block out UV rays and water, it can still tear or experience damage. But, if the metal frame of the carport remains in good condition, what should you do? Don’t just toss the entire shelter, cover, frame, and all. Instead, find the right size of replacement cover to keep it in use. If you own a 12-foot wide carport, get all basic replacement components from our selection of full kits. With 12-foot wide full replacement kits for round, peak, or barn shelters, our selection encompasses tops and side walls for carports of all heights and lengths. Look through our selection of 12-foot wide full replacement cover kits to find the right fit for your carport.