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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Portable Garage
Size: Sheet
Retail Price: $370.00
Your Price: $307.00
Item Number: SM3-61.5
Weight: 221 lbs..
Back |Metal Carports -> Metal Carport Accessories -> Side Extensions
Metal carports are some of the strongest portable shelters on the market, but sometimes, the one-foot valance overhang isn’t enough. If you want greater protection for the cars, boats, or RVs underneath, modify the fully-steel shelter with side extensions from our store. Available in sizes for all metal carports available, side extensions are three feet long and attach directly below the valance overhang. This way, your metal carport can provide four feet total of protection on both sides of the shelter. No matter if you need to use a metal carport as long-term storage or simply want greater coverage, add our side extensions to your steel portable structure.