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Monday, June 18, 2018
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14ft High
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An RV or camper is a considerable investment, and owning such a vehicle involves having a storage plan for winter. How do you plan to store your RV? If you need shelter for a single vehicle, consider our 14-foot wide house-style RV carports. Designed with a peaked frame, each 14-foot wide house-style RV carport is long enough to fully cover the vehicle and is strong enough to withstand the elements for several months.

UV exposure and water buildup both damage the surface of an RV over time, and a 14-foot wide house-style RV carport is built to block them out. Consisting of a galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel frame and a polyethylene cover, the shelter holds up to nearly all types of weather conditions and shields your vehicle from sun and precipitation.