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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Leave your animals outdoors with the right portable shelters from Carport Depot. Choose from portable animal shelters for horses, livestock, and dogs from our store. When one or more dogs need to be kept outdoors, provide them with a sturdy steel and polyethylene shelter that shades them from sun and rain. Livestock, as well, benefit from our run-in sheds and other portable horse shelters, including riding arenas. Find portable horse shelters in several sizes for storage, shade, or training in our selection.
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Animals, from pets to livestock, need appropriate shelter outdoors. To shade them from sun or rain or for permanent storage, our portable animal shelters are designed for dogs, livestock, or horses. Browse through our selection of house-style and round portable shelters to find the right size for storing your animals.

Dogs may need to be kept outdoors on occasion, but why keep them exposed to rain or sun? Protect your animals from the weather with a portable animal shelter from our store. Designed with a steel frame and polyethylene cover, our portable animal shelters for dogs can be used as kennels or as temporary shade.

Portable shelters, in general, are a common sight on farms, from storing equipment or hay to shading animals. If you own horses or other livestock, keep them protected with run-in sheds or other portable animal shelters from our store. Provide a shaded place for your horses with a run-in shed as they move outdoors, or turn such a run-in shed into a permanent shelter with a few modifications. When more space for training is needed, go with one of our riding arenas.

Keep your horses, dogs, or livestock dry or cool in all weather conditions with our run-in sheds and portable animal shelters. Find a portable animal shelter for just the right use from our store.